A passion for songs
Charles Boulevard are three musicians from Prague, Czech Republic and Dublin, Ireland. The line up consists of Pavel Holada Lead Vocals, Guitars and Bass. Berny PB Drums/Percussion/Vocals and Dermot Condron Guitar/Vocals. 

Dermot from Dublin met Pavel and Berny P.B. (whose band was a part of the Czech club scene) while working in Prague and after a long friendship and several musical collaborations they have joined forces to create their showpiece with Charles Boulevard. Charles write their own music and all three members contribute to the song writing. The fact that they come from different cultures and musical backgrounds has enriched their sound and they have succeeded in weaving together an intriguing tapestry of musical styles. United in their affection for that golden era vintage rock sound the band have put their own identity on the music to create something truly fresh and original.

first album of Charles Boulevard

"18 songs full of power, fun and energy, life as a whole and in particular." (Martina Dörner, Making A Scene)

Pavel Holada
songwriter, composer, singer, guitar player, producer, sound engineer
Pavel is a spokesman of Charles Boulevard and plays even the instruments of missing members, such as the bass guitar, bass VI guitar, slide and resonator guitar, differently tuned guitars, piano, etc.
Dermot Condron
songwriter, guitar player
Dermot from Carlow, lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is a key part of Charles Boulevard for his contribution to song lyrics and arrangement. His experience and interest in music from many different genres bring a positive aspect to the songs and sound of the band.
Berny P.B.
drummer, composer, singer 

Berny is Charles Boulevard's second spokesman and long-time companion. He is responsible for groove and arrangement of backing vocals.
New Album Coming
New music coming from The Charles Boulevard the trio that spans the European Union from Prague to Dublin is going to come with a new album this year! The first single For Whom The Bell Tolls shows the band's tastefull songwriting and is promising a great set exactly as their debut release.
Rendez-Vous! Review
So Charles Boulevard finally make their Rendez-Vous! It all started over a year ago when the three long time friends and musical compadres Rendez-vued in Prague. While discussing their individual projects, Pavel suggested they focus their collective creative musical energies into a specific goal. 
Pavel, Bernie and Dermot are proud to announce the launch of their showpiece Charles Boulevard! 
Charles Boulevard are 3 musicians from Prague, Czech Republic and Dublin Ireland. 
Long time friends and musical collaborators, they have more than 30 years experience in composing, performing and recording. 
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