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Remember who we are.
Three Musicians - One Vision! 
Charles Boulevard are three musicians from Prague, Czech Republic and Dublin, Ireland.  
After a lifelong of collaboration in different musical projects they are joining forces to make some music from the heart! They are putting their passion, creativity, inspiration, and experience into a new album and documenting the whole process on their YouTube Channel for all to see. 
Vivat Charles Boulevard! 
Autumn 2020 

Pavel Holada
Songwriter, Composer, Lead Singer, Guitarist, Producer, Sound Engineer, Member of ASCAP. 

Pavel is the spokesman for Charles Boulevard and also plays the instruments of missing members, such as the bass guitar, bass VI guitar, slide and resonator guitar, alternate tuned guitars, piano, etc. 
Berny P.B.
Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Singer.  
Berny is also a spokesman for the group and is a long-time companion of Charles Boulevard. He is responsible for groove and rhythm and arranges and sings harmonies and backing vocals which are a key component of the Charles Boulevard sound. 
His amazing energy is reminiscent of some of the biggest names in drumming down through the years. 

Dermot Condron
Songwriter, Composer, Guitarist. 
Dermot is located in Dublin, Ireland, and although he doesn't contribute instrumentally, he is a key part of Charles Boulevard for his contribution to song lyrics and arrangement. His experience and interest in music from many different genres brings a positive aspect to the songs and sound of the band.  
Emotional and intensive take on the theme of friendship and understanding one another. 

All Roads Lead To Roam
Colorful road movie by Charles Boulevard!
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Song title inspired by the famous photograph of James Dean. Sister song of Empty Streets.

The song evokes the ghost of lost love from a memory recalled from the distant past.
One Way To Ride
Catchy song which captures Charles Boulevard's affection for that golden era vintage rock sound. Somewhere between Rolling Stones, ACDC and laid back Americana.
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